Volcano Vaporizer Review - Volcano Digital and Volcano Classic

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Every market has its big players, and the vaporizer market is no exception. Storz & Bickel has been a large presence in the vaporizer market for over 11 years. S&B has relied on its workhorse, the Volcano Vaporizer, as its only offering for over nine years and they’re still producing them to this day. The Volcano is a plug in vaporizer that relies on filling a bag with hot air that passes through the herb chamber which sits on top of the Volcano. The bag attaches to the herb chamber via one of two different attachment valves.


The Volcano has the largest footprint of any vaporizer I’ve used to date with the base measuring at approximately 8″ in diameter. Having a large circular footprint makes this unit incredibly stable on most surfaces which is important because nobody wants a 3-4lb vaporizer (depending on model) falling from a raised surface onto their feet. The Volcano comes in two different varieties which I’ll outline below.


Volcano Digital

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  • The digital temperature gauge not only allows you to dial in a precise temperature, it will also display the units current temperature which will give you an estimate of warm-up time or how long ago the unit was shut off.
  • The digital temperature display adds an additional two buttons and LCD (similar to an alarm clock) screen which will be subject to wear and tear through regular use and can eventually fail. The additional components of the digital model also add .4lb of weight making the digital model heavier than its classic counterpart.

Volcano Classic

volcano classic vaporsandthings.com

  • The classic Volcano model has an analogue dial which functions to set the temperature, because there are less components involved in the entire temperature selection process, there are less components that can break.
  • The classic Volcano has a smaller temperature range due to its higher low end temperature of 266°F compared to the digital low end of 104°F. The temperature nob isn’t as accurate as the digital controls for dialing in a precise preferred setting. I would suggest once you find a good temperature nob location for your preference for low, medium, and high heat mark it on the Volcano so that you can consistently recall the same temperatures.


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