Latest JUUL news: Limited Edition Cool Cucumber Update

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Limited Edition Cool Cucumber Update

We are excited by the early results of a limited regional release of our Cool Cucumber Limited Edition flavor, which is available in small quantities with select retailers across the U.S. We’re getting very helpful feedback from everyone, including how much they like Cool Cucumber and also about how we need to make more. As we work to switch adults from cigarettes to JUUL, satisfaction and availability are both critically important.

Included in the feedback is a question about why ‘oxalic acid’ is listed as an ingredient. This was misprinted on the back of packaging as part of the limited release. Cool Cucumber does not contain oxalic acid as stated, it does contain benzoic acid. We apologize for this confusion and are in the process of updating our packaging.

In terms of availability, because Cool Cucumber is a Limited Edition flavor, it is not available in all locations and is available while supplies last. Subscribing to our newsletter and checking with your local retailers are the best ways to stay up to date with the latest JUUL news.

Thanks again for your flavor feedback, please keep it (good and bad) coming.

The JUUL Team...

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