BUY Xenon Pockt Portable Vaporizer Pen

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Xenon Pockt Portable Vaporizer Starter Kit includes: $39.99

650mAh Ego Adjustable Battery,

dual rod quartz coil & coil case with removable mouthpiece,

Ego to USB charger,

Hard Carrying case,

Fingerprint proof.

The Coil, crafted from the strongest quartz available, burns quickly and evenly. That means it will vape your extracts more efficiently than lesser coils, which may leave half the dab untouched. That is not the case with the Dual Rod Quartz Coil; the coil is built to burn evenly. Quartz also lasts longer than most coil materials, meaning that it will not only heat quickly and evenly, but it will last a long time as well.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Xenon is a Trademark of Vapors & Things


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