Quitting Smoking and Switching To The Juul

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Say Goodbye To Cigarettes For Good

  1. When you smoke, your hands and fingers start to smell like cigarette smoke and can even become stained after prolonged smoking. When you make the switch to a Juul to quit smoking, your hands no longer will smell like cigarette smoke. After a while, the stains on your hands will even begin to fade!
  2. Another benefit of using the Juul as a smoking cessation tool is that your smile improves. When you smoke tobacco, tar can actually build up on your teeth and they can scale as well. With a Juul, this is a worry of the past, and your teeth can begin to appear whiter within a few weeks of quitting.
  3. Your sense of smell and taste improve when you stop smoking. Using tobaccos products can greatly impair both of these senses. If you are trying to quit smoking with a Juul, you will notice that you can taste and smell things much better than you could when smoking tobacco products.
  4. When it comes down to e-cigs vs. cigarettes, people often consider smoking a gross or dirty habit. This stigma is almost entirely non-existent when you use a Juul, and it definitely improves social interactions.

Improve Your Self-Esteem and Personal Health

  1. With a Juul, you don’t need to go outside for a smoke break. Instead, you can simply stay inside without worrying about any offensive odors. This staying inside gives you more time to spend with family and friends - no more missing important moments because you needed a smoke break!
  2. Smoking causes a lot of damage to your lungs, and this makes exercising very difficult. Thankfully, using a Juul does nowhere near as much damage to your lungs.Your breathing can actually return to normal and you will have more energy too!
  3. When you stop smoking, your looks and appearance will improve overall. Smoking tobacco causes damage to both your skin and hair, making you actually age more quickly. Unsightly wrinkles and spots appear on your skin, and your hair can thin and dry out. Thankfully, switching to a Juul means these chemicals are no longer there and start to leave your body. This means that your hair can return to normal soon after you switch to your Juul, and your skin can improve shortly afterward too.

Make the Switch Today - Your body will thank you

Making the switch from tobacco products to a Juul is clearly the right decision. Not only do you save money, but your looks and health improve, but social situations will also be better. A Juul is clearly the healthier option, and both your body and wallet will thank you.

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