16" Holistic Double Barrel Perc & Ice Pinch. Fixed Percs.

  • $199.99

Holistic Double Barrel Perc & Ice Pinch 16in Tube. Fixed Percs.

Holistic Double Barrel Perc & Ice Pinch 16in Tube. Fixed Percs. Dry herb tube that's over a foot tall? Check. Ice pinch? Check. Multiple percs? Check. Standing at 1 inches tall, this tube is one of our heaviest hitters and best values. Featuring two stacked fixed barrel perks and an ice pinch, it looks and rips like a monster, but the percs and the ice will leave the smoke as cool as a fall day.


  • Thick base
  • 18mm female joint
  • Worked 18mm Bowl
  • Clean, Clear Strong Glass Throughout
  • Dual Perc System
  • Oversized Center Perc
  • Ice Pinch

Continuing the tradition of performance, form, and function you’ve come to expect out of us at Holistic this tube is everything you need in a water pipe. It stands at 14 inches tall from base to the top and contains a dual barrel perc system. The lower perc is big by any standard...as long as you don't compare it to the upper perc. Which is massive. Any bite smoke has will be left toothless after tangling with these two. And that's before it gets sent through a neck that has a nice, deep ice pinch that you can pack tight with ice to turn the smoke even cooler.

Holistic double barrel perc. Ice pinch. Tube

  • Color Accent
  • Height: 16
  • Joint type/size: 18mm Female
  • Style: Dry Herb

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