Rasta RX Graphic Air Tight Glass Jar

  • $7.99

Rasta RX Graphic Glass Jar W. High Quality Thick Walled Glass

Rasta RX Graphic Glass Jar with High Quality Thick Walled Glass. Vapors & Things makes our airtight glass jars from the same high quality glass we make our Holistic Water Pipes from. That means you can expect the same thickness and durability you see in our water pipes in our jars. The top has a rubber seal on it, meaning that every time you close the jar you'll get a nice airtight seal. Perfect for keeping your herbs moist and fresh. Other company's jar's seals will deteriorate over time. Not Vapors & Things, our rubber seals are designed to survive the test of time. Rasta RX Graphic Glass Jar specifically has a large, Rasta RX across the front. Check out all the designs and sizes available.


  • Thick, High Quality Glass
  • Strong Rubber Seal
  • Airtight Jar
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wide Mouth

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