22" Holistic Dual Double Showerhead & Ice Catcher, Beaker, Tube

  • $239.99

Holistic Dual Double Showerhead & Ice Catcher, Beaker

Holistic Dual Double Showerhead & Ice Catcher. Splash Guard. Cresting at just under 2 feet in height, this beaker bottom waterpipe is the Cadillac of smoking accouterments. With Two giant double showerheads, and an ice catcher, one hit will produce enough smoke to blot out the sun. The smoke won't burn though, with the amount of filtration and cooling involved, it'll be like taking a breath on a cold winter morning. Truly a sight to behold, this pipe will be the center of any high-end glass collection.


  • Thick Beaker Bottom
  • 18mm to 14mm 3-slit Downstem
  • Worked 14mm Bowl
  • Black Accent throughout
  • Dual Perc System
  • Ice Pinch

Continuing the tradition of performance, form, and function you’ve come to expect out of us at Holistic this tube is everything you need in a water pipe. It stands at a gigantic 22 inches tall from beaker bottom to the top  and contains 2 Double Showerheads. On top of the 2 Double showerheads (literally) is a splash guard, and an ice catcher. If you're looking at this piece of heaven, you know what two shower heads will do to clean your smoke. Then the ice pinch stacked with a tray of ice will turn that clean smoke into cold white clouds. Worried about keeping those percs clean? Grab yourself an Ash Catcher and not only will your pipe stay cleaner, longer, you add another chamber to the pipe.

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