15" Holistic Octopus Tube with 8 Arms and a Dual Perc System

  • $399.99

Holistic Dry Herb Worked Tube with 8 Arms and a Dual Perc System.

Holistic Dry Herb Worked Tube with 8 Arms and a Dual Percolator System. This dry herb worked tube is 14.5 inches of pure madness. 8 thick glass arms connect the bottom perc chamber housing 4 missile style percs to the top which houses a glass stand holding 4 vertical shower heads. The bottom perc chamber, a veritable missile silo, will clean your smoke with the power of a normal water pipe by itself. Then the smoke travels up the 8 arms connecting the bottom to the showerheads. 4 Vertical showerheads give the smoke another water pipe's worth of cleaning before you inhale.


  • Original Design
  • Dual Perc Chambers
  • 8 Total Percs
  • Thick Base
  • Thick, Worked Glass
  • 8 Thick Connecting Arms
  • Over a Foot Tall
  • For Use with Dry Herb
  • 18mm male joint

Continuing the tradition of performance, form, and function you’ve come to expect out of us at Holistic this tube is everything you need in a water pipe. It stands at almost 15 inches tall from base to the top  and contains a dual perc system connected by 8 arms. The lower perc is actually 4 mini missiles, breaking your smoke into small bubbles before shooting it up the 8 arms into the 4 vertical showerheads above. This is where the smoke cools off and the draw turns from hot smoke to smooth, white clouds. If you really want to get crazy, try it with concentrates.

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